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Leather Sofas or Fabric Sofas?

This debate is classic and bothers a lot of Sofa Buyers. While Leather looks classic and easy to maintain, Fabric sofas are in Trend. Before I go in detail, quick Pros & Cons of Leather Sofa & Fabric. Leather Sofas are easy to clean, gives leather like looks and gives your living room a vibrant and classic feel.

On the Contrary, Fabric Sofas gets stains easily, be it food stains, pen marks or one of hundreds marks that’s due to prolonged usage. Nowadays even Fabric Sofas can be deep cleaned with Shampoo and dried giving it a fresh and vibrant look. Fabric Sofas gives oomph feel when it comes to touch and feel. Secondly you don’t Sweater on a fabric sofa in hot summers. Even in cold chilling winters, the moment your skin touches leather sofas, you feel the surface to be cold. Fabric sofas gives you warmer touch with prolonged usage. Comparatively Leather Sofas are easy to maintain than fabric sofas but I would still go for a fabric sofa as it outdoes hand feel and comfort over a leather sofa. 

If you have pets at home, fabric sofa tends to attract a lot of hairs. You can write off this problem in Leather sofa. Even dust settlement is higher on Fabric Sofas which could be allergic to people suffering from Dust Allergy. 

In terms of longevity, leather starts cracking in long run after 3 to 4 years. If the leather used is PU, you can feel the peeling off effect on leather surface. If leather used is PVC, then you can see the cracking effect after few years. When it will happen depends solely on usage and rubbing effect. On contrary Fabric sofas gets boggles in long run. If fabric used is cheaper, you can feel the fading off effect after few years.

Its highly recommended to buy sofas with higher rub count space if you want your sofa to last real long. If you need any further inputs on which sofa is right for you, please drop us an email at and we would be more than happy to assist you.

Happy lounging !!

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