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How to Refill Bean Bags and How much Bean Refills do I require?

Candy Beans is the most Yummiest Beans for your Bean Bags. Its made specifically for Bean Bags. Beans tends to get flatter with usage due to compressing.

A Good Grade Beans have a higher density and can withstand high pressures but cheaper quality Beans tend to get flattered much faster. Candy Beans are your perfect Beans partner for Flat Bean Bags.

A new bean bag is fluffier, and you can get higher altitude seating. As you use Bean Bag more frequently, Beans get flatter. There is no particular time in which beans can get flat. If Bean Bag is seldom used, Beans can stay as it is for years. With higher usage, the bean bag gets flattered and it demands Beans Fill. When you are filling beans in a Bean bag, you need not take out the old beans, just pop in new beans. How much beans are needed is something that is directly proportional to your requirement. Some Customers prefer soft and low-height seating. For them, one packet or a half packet of Candy Beans is more than enough. Some Customers prefer tighter and higher seating. For the 1 or even 2 Packet of Beans is suggested. 

When you are filling Bean Bags, have assistance from someone. It’s difficult to fill a bean bag single-handed. Have your companion hold the Bean Bag for you while you are pouring beans into it. Flip the bean bag upside down and make sure all beans move towards the top side of the Bean Bag. Now gently open the zipper and if required open the Velcro lock and hold with two hands. Make an Oval shape of the mouth opening. 

Open the Bean Packet and slowly start pouring it in Bean Bag. Maintain a distance of Half Feet from the Bean Bag. Do not let the bean packet touch Bean Bag. Ensure to turn off Fan and stay away from the Breeze of the Windows. Slowly pour beans and if Beans are falling, stop and realign the bean packet with Bean Bag.

If you require any additional information, our team at Candy Beans is more than happy to assist. Ping us at or call at 809 506 1111 to say Hello. 

Happy Lounging !!

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