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Are Big Sac Better than Bean Bags?

I would personally sacrifice 100 Bean Bags for 1 Big Sac.

Big Sac are next generation uber cool series of Furniture which are an upgrade on Bean Bags. Big Sac offers solutions to all the problems that Bean Bags may pose. 

First and Foremost they never get flat. In a bean bag one needs to add additional beans every 6 months to keep it upright and firm. Sac are for life, they are filled with high quality high density Chipped foams that breathes in and breathes out air. Secondly, Bean Bags are not meant for serious comfort seekers and excited folks. When you jump on a bean bag, pressure directly falls on seams which can lead to rupture. Sacs on other hand comes with inbuilt riveted holes near seems that breathes air in and breathes air out which reduces the pressure on seams. 

You can never share a bean bag with others while Sac is always meant to share love. If you buy bigger size Sacs like Movie Sac or Family Sac, you can always share it with your loved ones. Bean Bags are not washable, Sacs are washable with outer cover completely removable. 

To know more about Sac, drop us an email at and we would love to explain you passionately more about it. 

Big Sac – Big Size – Big Comfort!!

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