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Which Bean Bag you should Buy?

It's a common question faced by many Bean Bag Buyers. Dilemma to choose design, Size, Fabric can get cumbersome. Let's de-fragment the same.

First and foremost is the space constraint. If you have a pretty Bigger and spacious Living room you can consider Buying a Lounger or Video Rocker as it will offer you complete rest for your Body. Even a Jumbo or Monster Sized Bean Bag would be a good fit as you get more comfort sitting on these Beasts. Lets say you are tight on space and after putting Sofa and Center tables you have less space. 2XL Bean Bag or 3XL Bean Bag would be a right fit for you. What are the other factors that are detrimental in buying Bean Bags – Size, Budget, Fabric, Weight Handling Capacity & Purpose of Using Bean Bag. 

Lets Start with Size – For Kids below 10 years, we recommend a XL Sized Bean Bag. Teenagers and lean build individuals can opt for 2XL Bean Bag. Normal build adults can go for 3XL, Jumbo or Monster Size. While 3XL offers majorly seating space, Jumbo and Monster will give you extra hand rest. Its not mandatory to go for particular size, one is free to choose any size which suits requirement. 

Budget – Classic Bean Bags comes in the range of 1500 to 2500 while Premium Variants will cost anywhere from 2000 to 3000. Budget also depends on Fabric that you are going for and shapes. 

Fabric – Artificial Leather or Synthetic leather fabrics are classic and most purchased ones. If your requirement is for heavy duty and rugged usage, we recommend to go for Premium Fabric Art Leather which is most strongest Fabric used in Bean Bags. If your city has hot & humid weather, we recommend you to buy Suede or Fabric Based Bean Bags. They will give you a soft hand feel and body touch and you will tend to sweat lot lesser. Denier Fabrics are used for Outdoor purpose if you just want to throw your bean bags overnight in Garden. Outdoor Bean Bags can withstand Sun and Rain and will dry up pretty soon. Its recommended to use Cotton Twill Fabrics for Kids and Infants. 

Weight Handling Capacity – An average adult or teen less than 70 Kg of Weight can use XXL or 3XL Bean Bag. For people with weight from 80 to 120, we recommend a premium Fabric Bean Bag in size of Jumbo and Above. 

Purpose of Using Bean Bag – If you need a casual in and out seating, classic teardrop bean bags are best. For longer TV Watching experience, we recommend our Video Rockers. If you need to sit back and relax with eyes closed after a long day at work, we highly recommend 69 lounger or our normal range of loungers. Our Gamer are the best buddies for Gaming Experience. 

If there is any thing that we have missed and you want us to assist you in your Bean Bag Buying decision, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team at and we would be more than Glad to assist you.

Happy Lounging !!

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