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Is Personalized Bean Bag a good Gifting Option?

Often we give products as gift to our loved ones which ends up in their wardrobes. When we gift a cake, its an instant delight and people tend to forget it gradually. A customized Picture or Photo Frame ends up in wardrobes.

Personalized Bean Bags from ORKA is an amazing Gifting option that you cant miss to look at. You can put your loved ones pictures or messages on bean bag, literally. How it works? When you decide to gift your loved one a personalized Bean Bag From ORKA, we help you choose the right product. You can choose from different sizes and layouts of Bean Bags. Once the same is finalized, you can send your images or message of the loved ones. Our Designers will hand curate the same and send you some designs for your approval. You are welcome to suggest changes if any. Once you have frozen on to your final design, we print it, stitch it and ship the same to your loved one on your behalf directly. We can also attach a personalized Message on your behalf for your loved one. 

So what are you waiting for, get in touch with us to gift your loved one the best gift that they can use, enjoy and live every moment. Get in touch with us at

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