Meet the Team

Chandan Kumar
Founder & CEO

Next Door Guy with a Belief - Anything can be done. Thinks 5 years ahead and a go getter. Believes in less act and more action. Has nurtured Setner from a one employee company to 150 members family. Expert in Vertical Integration and Public Relations.

Florence Kumar
HR & Admin

Expert in Human Resources and handling Admin. Comes with a 8 years of experience from Airline Industry and brings with her unique discipline and timely completion of projects.

Dr. Vijay Kumar
Visionary & Strategist

Setner was made after thousands of motivational hours from Dr. Kumar. A hard core strategist, successful entrepreneur of a Multi Million Dollar Organisation, and a Great Human Being. Expert on Human Behaviour, Human Ergonomics and Body Postures.

Ajay Kumar
CO Founder and COO

Have mentored company over last 6 years with his acumen skills and operational abilities. Hands on guy with 24 hours on the job. Can turn around a problem into a solution with - Hard Work, Hard Work and Hard Work. Expert in Cost Cutting and Logistics.

NM Faisal
Business Head - Retail Stores

24 Hours on the Job Guy for last ten years. Have to be forced for taking a day off. Eats, Drinks, Sleeps Setner. A die Hard Setner Fan and a tested Problem Troubleshooter.

Marketing Head, General Trade

Oldest Setner Veteran with handling 500 + Accounts. Smartest person in the company, but married !! Extremely hard working, humble and down to earth.

Business Head, General Trade

Comes with extensive experience of 10 years + working with major Modern Retailers. Expert in product sourcing and handling key accounts. Sports Fanatic and a Go getter.

Operations Head, South

Oversees over 1000 transactions a day and yet calm and composed. Customers person who works on their behalf in Setner. Never looses his cool and works through out the day with a smile on his face.

Noor Alam
Area Manager, AP & Telangana

Been Associated with SETNER for over 6 years. Extremely hard working, polite and wears company on his sleeve.

Key Account Manager

Extremely talented and a quick learner. Oversees retail operations and a great team member. Expert in product sourcing and vendor management. Romantic at Heart.

Vinod Nair
Business Head, Retail Operations

Over 20 years of experience in Modern Retail and General Trade. Expert in Product Sourcing, Vendor Management, Dispatch and Planning.

Naresh Sharma
Sourcing Manager

Over 25 years of experience working with Bhushan Steel. Expert in product sourcing. Handles purchasing of over 2000 different products by working closely with over 200 Vendor partners.

Merchandise Replenishment & Planning

Extremely talented and hard working. Expert in Retail dispatch planning and ensuring products are available across Retail stores in India. Full of energy and a great team player.

Syed Suhail
Key Account Manager, E Commerce

A true problem solver and a go getter. Maintains low profile but works with extreme precision and deliverables. Polite and a great Team Player.

Rajesh G
Finance Controller

24x7 on the job, extremely hard working and amazingly polite. Controls Finance and oversees Vendor Payments.

Key Account Manager, E Commerce

Handles day to day E Com operations with extreme precision and hard work. A classic dancer and a great team player.

Bal Mukund

Has been with company for over 10 years. Extremely honest, sincere and hard worker. Handles entires finance without any technology.

Area Manager Tamilnadu

24x7 on the job , with amazing pressure handling ability. extremely focussed and a great team player. comes with 10 years of experince in warehouse operations, QC and logistics.

Operations Head, Retail-North

Extremely hard working, self focused and a team leader. Good looking and sytling attributes adds to his charm.

Operations Head, E-Commerce, North

Sweet as Candy, effective as protein bar and humble as honey. A great team player that fits in every format and extremely hard working.